YES we're open ONLINE 24/7.

Don't forget, all our product range is listed online. 

We now offer 🚚 same day delivery 🚚 if you place your order on Wednesday or Friday. Cut-off time is 12 pm. Please select "ready-made delivery service" at the checkout. If you have placed your order on any other day, it'll be delivered the next available Wednesday or Friday.

Please note: We only deliver ready-made terrariums within about 50km from South Melbourne. Don't forget our complete DIY kits are extremely popular and a great activity to do during lockdown. We can ship DIY kits Australia wide.


We now offer same day delivery (Wed, Fri, Sat) up to 50km from South Melbourne. Please email or use the live chat function on our website for more information. Please select "Ready-made delivery service" at the checkout. 

Pick-up service is also available whenever our store is open. Our store opening hours are Wednesday 8am to 4pm, Friday 8am to 5pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am to 4pm. We're located at South Melbourne Market in aisle B opposite to the big computers sign. For pick-up please wait until you receive the "Pick-up ready notification" from us, otherwise your order may not be ready if you pop in to the store before you have received this notification via email or txt. 

If you selected DIY in your order, or if your delivery address is over our ready-made delivery range (over 50km or so) from South Melbourne Market (regardless of whether you selected ready-made or DIY) your order will be shipped via courier as a DIY kit during the week. 

If you're unsure about how to calculate the k's to see if you qualify for the ready-made delivery service, please use Google maps for this. Please see below. 

Google maps

DIY kits are a great way to create your own personalised dreamy landscape. You just need to follow along with the building instructions (if you want to) and allocate a good hour or so for your creative activity. Please don't feel disheartened that we can't deliver ready-made if you live over the delivery range, you'll have more fun if you order a DIY kit. Don't forget our DIY kits come with everything you need to build up your own terrarium. The complete kit includes all the base layers, plants, the container, moss and building instructions.

Please note if you selected ready-made in your order and your delivery address is over our ready-made delivery range (usually about 50km depending on the suburb), it'll be delivered as a DIY kit. Please respect our delivery policies. We do appreciate your understanding.

Due to the amount of orders that we receive each week we're unable to contact each individual person who doesn't comply with this policy so we will automatically send your item as a DIY kit via courier. Please don't contact us after you receive your order saying you have received your terrarium as a DIY kit instead of ready-made. No refunds or exchanges are allowed.

Please note terrariums are not very travel friendly. We can't simply put a ready-made terrarium in a box and send it nationwide. We wish we could, but unfortunately it's not practically possible. Our complete DIY kits are a great way to solve this issue for customers who live over 50km away, or please check out our Eternal range which can be shipped as ready-made terrariums nationwide. 

Any confusion, please email us or use the chat function on our website to clear any doubts first before placing your order online.

Thank you!