Will the plants live?

If you look after them, they will enjoy a long lifespan. However we can't make any guarantees as to how long they will live. We are happy to give our best instructions on how to look after them, we can guarantee that!

Will the plants grow?

Not much - some plants will stay pretty much the same size. Some plants grow faster than others, but don't worry - they won't become huge trees inside your terrarium. You can always snip out the tall stems with scissors if you don't like them. Otherwise, you can leave them as they are and let the jungle grow if you're happy with the wild lush look. 

How long will the plants last? How many days, years and months?

Unfortunately the plants that we use in our terrariums don't come with a certificate that indicates their life span. Even we humans don't know how long we'll live for - the same goes for plants. 

However all our plants are known to last a long time. A general estimation would be five years, but this could stretch significantly lower or higher. 

Are terrariums for everyone?

Absolutely anyone can own a terrarium, as long as you're willing to learn about the plants in your terrarium and look after them carefully. However if you've never owned a plant in your life or compare a terrarium to an everyday object and expect it to last forever exactly as you received it, then a terrarium definitely isn't for you. 

I've got my own container! Would you be able to fill it with plants?

Unfortunately, we no longer provide this service. Apologies for the inconvenience. 

Help! Help! My terrarium is growing mould (white dots). 

Please note this problem usually happens when your terrarium is wetter than it's meant to be! Open the lid and let it dry out a little. Please react as soon as you see any tiny white dots. Don't wait until mould covers the whole terrarium. There are many natural remedies to fix this problem, including plant-friendly mould killers.