Open Tropical Terrariums 

For open-style terrariums, please water using a spray bottle once a week, with at least 10 to 15 squirt sprays per plant. This should be plenty of water to keep your terrarium happy and relatively dry, with just enough moisture.

Heating and hot weather can dry out your terrarium quickly, so if your plants are looking dry and thirsty please spray some water more than once a week. 

For open terrariums we use preserved moss/ preserved lichen varieties so you don't need to water the moss or lichen, so when you do water your terrarium just focus on the plants. 

Cacti and succulents open-style terrariums 

As these are dry-loving plants, squirt spray only a couple of times using a spray bottle to each plant once a week or so. If your terrarium has a bonsai plant along with succulents, please water at least 10 to 15 squirt sprays just to the bonsai. 

Avoid using the mister - this reduces the chances of getting water on each plant and leaving water marks on the glass. 

Enclosed Terrariums 

If your terrarium is enclosed with a lid or a ball then you only need to water it once a month or so. However even after a month if you can see a little bit of condensation inside and all the plants and moss are happy, you may skip watering. 

When you do water, make sure to squirt spray at least five times per plant, and then mist spray the moss. 

Ideal Location 

Please locate your terrarium in an indoor, well-lit area away from direct sunlight. All our plants are classified as indoor plants.

Sometimes plants tend to move towards the light. If this happens, rotate the terrarium once a week to encourage the plant to face the ideal direction and to encourage even growth. 


Fertilising is not really needed, however if you would like to, go ahead. Fertilising annually may provide extra nutrients to the plants. 

Extra Tips 

If your terrarium is an enclosed one, please monitor it very carefully for a couple of days to see how well the plants are doing. Some plants tend to rot if the moisture and the humidity are very high. It’s always safe to open the lid for a couple of times a week if you are worried (especially in summer). 

Also for open terrariums, even though we advise you to water only once a week, if your terrarium is located in a warm location you may need to water at least twice a week. Also, if it's in a cooler/darker location you may need to cut down watering to prevent any rot/mould issues. You just need to find the right balance. 

Deer Heads with Plantlers 

Just spray a bit of water to each plantler with a spray bottle once a week (five sprays to each plantler). Water less in winter and more in summer. Locate your plantler in a bright area.The plantlers are air plants so they are pretty hardy! 

Crystal Air Plants 

By using the mist setting on your spray bottle, please spray once a week or so, just to the plant/plants. Locate in an indoor area away from direct sun and drafty areas in your home/office. 

Kokedama care ( Moss balls) 

Please water your kokedama by pouring some water into the plate. The ball will magically suck up the water. You may need to repeat at least two or three times until the ball gets nice and heavy. Once a week watering should be sufficient. Enjoy! 

Please note, these are only general instructions. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.