Moss balls (kokedama) - Calatheas

Option: Large kokedama


The art of kokedama literally translates from “koke” meaning moss and “dama” meaning ball. It is a form of Japanese garden art that is centuries old and tied into the practice of bonsai. The moss ball can be fixed to a platform or suspended from string with the plant growing out from the moss ball.

Care instructions - soak the moss ball once a week or so and put it back on the plate provided or hang it! When soaking let it sit for at least one hour or even overnight if that's easier, but make sure the ball is nice and heavy when you take it out. If the ball is still heavy after a week you can skip soaking!

Please note: plant size, shape and variety may vary depending on availability. 

Please allow at least 10 business days for processing and delivery. We're a small business and appreciate your patience.

 Please note that we do not sell any live animals like fish that you put in aquariums. These are terrariums that contain natural mini indoor plants only. 

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