Eternal Moss Side Fishbowl Terrariums

Size: 20cm diameter x 18cm height
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A new product line that we've introduced to Terrarium Laboratory.

Moss that requires no maintenance. Yes, that's correct, preserved moss is 100% natural, doesn't need any care at all and lasts a lifetime. Just to clarify again, no watering is required!

We can ship this terrarium as ready-made to anywhere in Australia. Usually we can only deliver our ready-made range within 20km from our store in South Melbourne. We were constantly on the lookout to resolve this issue when we came across preserved moss varieties. With a little bit of creativity the problem was solved. 

Moreover, these styles are great if you're a green thumb but have a busy lifestyle, a black thumb or any colour thumb as you don't need to look after it and it lasts a lifetime. Make sure to locate your terrarium in an indoor area away from harsh elements like direct sun, drafts or heaters etc...

Please note that we do not sell any live animals like fish that you put in aquariums. These are terrariums that contain natural mini indoor plants only. 

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