How it all started!

Michael (owner of Terrarium Laboratory) initially started his business as a hobby due to his love of indoor plants. Also he’d never had a lovely garden since moving to Melbourne ten odd years ago and missed the tropical garden that his parents had when he was growing up. He wasn’t sure how to re-create that tropical oasis in Melbourne, but when he saw a terrarium online accidentally - it all clicked and the rest is history.

Terrarium Laboratory initially started by doing art and craft markets and then moved on to doing pop-ups in major shopping centres. These days you can find Terrarium Laboratory at South Melbourne Market, where it has been trading since 2015.

We’ve been in business for more than seven years altogether and we are terrarium experts. From experience we know what type of plants work in terrariums so you can always buy with confidence. All our terrariums are lovingly made in Melbourne, mostly by Michael, with lots of attention to detail.

Our online shop has a wide range of terrariums to choose, with prices starting as little as $50 for smaller scale terrariums and up to more than $350 if you’re looking for a masterpiece.

So have a browse and if you have any questions we’re just a short email away.